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Dogwoof - Christelle + Co PR

“Dogwoof has a long and prosperous relationship with Christelle. From Restrepo back in 2010, Christelle leaves no stone unturned and is as passionate as she is tenacious.

With Nicole and Natasha filling out the team; the campaigns they implement show how much they not only understand subject matter, but also their audiences."

Yung Kha and Oli Harbottle, Dogwoof

Fable Pictures  - Christelle + Co PR

Christelle is a key member of our team and a real champion of our projects. From previous experience of working with her on Rocks and then our TV show Anne Boleyn - she begins her work way before our shoot, strategising and brainstorming the main themes for our projects and identifying what is important to us in the translation of that work to press and our audience.

This approach continually evolves as the project progresses, and Christelle has such a great hands on approach both with press and with nurturing those personal relationships with financiers and talent. We love working with Christelle and her team, and really enjoy her innovative thinking and passion."

Faye Ward and Hannah Farrell, Fable Pictures 

Dartmouth Films - Christelle + Co PR

“We have been releasing feature documentaries into UK cinemas for more than 10 years now, and this was our first time working with Christelle and Tasha. What an exceptional team they are. We were incredibly pleased with the high quality and quantity of their work.

They both brought a constant stream of ideas, contacts and energy to the campaign, and delivered again and again on coverage and reviews. Tenacious, creative and a pleasure to work with, we could not have asked for more. Looking forward to the next one!"

Matt Hird, Head of Distribution, Dartmouth Films

24 Hour Party People - Christelle + Co PR

“Christelle is a great publicist; tenacious, passionate and dedicated. We have worked together for years, from the unforgettable 24 Hour Party People through to recent film festival world premieres and unit jobs. She always has a good understanding of how Michael works and how we work as a company and is without a doubt part of our Revolution family”

Michael Winterbottom and Melissa Parmenter, REVOLUTION FILMS

Collective - Christelle + Co PR

Christelle just fought like a lioness not only for Collective but also for me as a filmmaker. She left no stone unturned and would never take no for an answer in order to get the film to the right places and people to be seen. It was really impressive how her relentless work boosted the attention for the film in the UK and beyond, over such a long period of time, during a pandemic.

It was the most warm and joyful experience to work with Christelle on a daily bases. Her personality and personal way of handling things never made it feel like work and I always felt protected. 

One of the phrases that was often repeated within the international PR team of the film, that she has worked so close with, was: "Wow, we are so lucky to have Christelle!”

The ones that have worked with her, know.”

Alexander Nanau, Director, COLLECTIVE 

For Sama - Christelle + Co PR

“From the beginning, Christelle and her team believed in the importance of our film and the sensitivity around my story. Working together with Hayley Barlow and the ITN team, her passion shone through and their combined hard work and commitment took the film’s profile to another level.

Within a very short space of time, we created a relationship built on trust and I know that I will work with her again on my next project.

Not only did Christelle care about the film’s success but also us as filmmakers and our needs. We became friends as a result and have built a lovely relationship”


Waad Al-Kateab, Co-Director, FOR SAMA

Rocks - Christelle + Co PR

“We had such a positive experience working with Christelle and her team on ROCKS. She responded to our ideas and concerns with sensitivity and tenacity. The range of publications and outlets she accessed was exciting. She thought outside the box and was always brilliant at communicating with all the team and cast. I would work with her again in a heart beat.”

Sarah Gavron, Director, ROCKS

Florida - Christelle + Co PR

“Christelle was a delight to work with on the release of The Florida Project. She is professional, easy to talk to, quick on her feet, positive and intelligent. Christelle is also wonderful with protecting talent (actors) from aggressive press, something we had to deal with during our roll-out. Not only does she get the film out there with panache and seeming ease, but her amiable and fun-loving personality add an enjoyable lift to any situation.”

Sean Baker, Director, THE FLORIDA PROJECT

For Sama - Christelle + Co PR

“Christelle and her team won the “PR Campaign of the Year” Screen Award 2019 for their work on ‘For Sama’ - which was much deserved! It's hard to overstate how happy we were with her work. She worked miracles with meagre resources, achieving incredible publicity reach for the film. She also brought a level of personal passion and commitment that was well beyond the call of duty. I hope that she’ll do the publicity on every film I ever make from now on.”


Ed Watts, Co-Director, FOR SAMA

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